The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that the main cause of death for children and young adults aged 5-29 years old is road traffic injuries ( To prepare for an ASEAN Traffic Safety Seminar, which has been postponed, Road Accident Victims Protection Company Limited (RVP) of Thailand conducted a survey among the members of ASEAN COB regarding the Child Traffic Safety Regulations among ASEAN Member States in May 2022.

The survey shows that some ASEAN Member States have laws and regulations pertaining to Child Passenger Safety. Please refer to the Survey Report below:


For the regulations prohibiting children of certain age from being a passenger of the motorcycle, Singapore prohibits children below 10 years old as pillion passenger, while the Philippines prohibits children as passenger under certain conditions. Other countries do not have any specific regulations. Please refer to the Survey Report below:


RVP of Thailand is the Administrator for ASEAN COB ACMI.  Refer to this link for the website:


For the latest news regarding RVP’s activity in promoting child traffic safety regulations, refer to this link: