A Regional Platform of the Insurance Industry

Greetings from Secretary – General
Christian W. Wanandi



A warm welcome everyone to the AIC’s new website! This marks a new beginning of a life full of hope after the uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, uncertainties will always be there as we continue to face the effects of climate change and geopolitical upheavals, as well. Any type of risk has a potential to disrupt our lives. What matters more is how we respond to these challenges.

It’s been two years since the COVID-19 pandemic upended all aspects of our life. Its severe impact has been felt on the economic, social, and psychological fronts, individually and collectively. It has challenged every nation’s policy response. Day-to-day adjustments had to be done regarding laws and regulations for businesses, health care, and most important of all, educational services for the young.

The Insurance Industry is in the midst of all these. Insurance companies are supporting families and businesses that are coping with losses during the pandemic. To quote from a report of the ASEAN Insurance Pulse 2020:

“The ASEAN insurers took significant efforts to support their policyholders during the crisis. Although infectious diseases had mostly been excluded, insurers voluntarily extended health coverage to provide additional protection to policyholders.”

The insurance industry is in partnership with the national leadership of each country to be resilient in difficult times. But we are also bracing ourselves for the challenges of economic growth of ASEAN member states.

Our borders have opened one by one. We look forward to meeting our members face-to-face soon, particularly during the ASEAN Insurance Congress and AIC Meetings.

Let us continue to work hand-in-hand and recover stronger, together!

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Hello! We are ASEAN Insurance Council

The AIC is comprised of different insurance industry associations from the 10 member countries of ASEAN. These associations represent the life insurance and non-life insurance or general insurance sectors.

Within the AIC, they are grouped in several committees such as the Education Committee, the Council of Bureaux, the ASEAN Natural Disaster Research Work Sharing (ANDREWS) and the ASEAN Reinsurance Working Group.

AIC Members